All applicants are provided with places in a hostel of block type. Each block contains five rooms, kitchen, shower, two toilets. One four-bed and four three-bed rooms. To improve the educational process and independent practice of first-year students they are given possibility to live in rooms with their group mates.


Student Council

     As at the faculties so at the hostels of our University grows and improves student government. Students who live in the hostel, of course, know such organization as student council. About it will talk today.

    The history of student council of the hostel KHAI-11 has 17 years of its  existence. Founded on 25th December 1996, he successfully continues its work till today.This organization is a kind of a link between the campus, the dean, the commandant and, in fact, students. The aim of the work is very simple:  improvement of quality of life of students in the hostel and to watch after following the rules by students. The student сouncil consists of housing, sanitary commissions, commissions on economic development, the duty on the watch.

     Let's get acquainted with these commissions closer. So, to help freshmen to move into a hostel, tell them what is good and what is bad, it is solely the prerogative of housing and household Commission, which also oversees the timely repair of units and rooms of students. Also engaged in the decoration of stands in the hostel, supplying information. Sanitary Commission monitors the purity, helps us to live in good sanitary conditions, for what it separate thanks. Of course, not without the punishment of violators. Residents of atoning for his guilt by working for the good of the hostel. Following this, the commission on economic development. They have to help the porters in their difficult position.Commission on duty every day encourages residents to provide this assistance. Thanks to the student Council of a hostel to the students, KHAI-11 took first place in the competition of hostels Khai for 5 years, and it fully merits. Varied commission, the Chairman, but KHAI-11 remains the best. And this is not surprising because in the student Council come the most enterprising and active men who care for the life of dorms and students who live in it. In 2012, the student Council of the KHAI-11 voted the Best hostel in the competition of hostels KHAI, in 2013, took the honorable 1st place! It is a measure of the excellent work of the student government!

     In the summer to prepare rooms in the hostel is a student team that receives three meals a day, a salary and a start in a sports camp IKAR in Crimea.


Nevmivaka Sergiy - warden of 339 group

The competition "of bodyart in 2011 " IKAR Crimea

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