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Chronology of teaching electrical engineering at the Kharkov aviation Institute started in 1930. 2 order No. 49 of 13.10.1930 says about enrollment in HAI assistant for the course «Electrical engineer» of Vinnytsia M. D. (part-time), and in 1931 formed a separate direction and according to 4 of the order No. 175 of 23.10.1931 year head of «electrical engineering» was adopted by Professor A. H. Hnco In the Charter of the Kharkov aviation Institute, approved November 26, born in 1934, with the description of the structure of the university specified 12 departments, including Electrical engineering, which at that time was in General engineering departments. In 1939, the Department moved to engine Department. The main subjects taught at that time was: «General electrical engineering» and «Electrical equipment and ignition systems of aircraft engines». The source of the spark discharge in the ignition systems of such engines had magneto - magnetoelectrical the alternator.

By 1940, mostly already developed educational-laboratory base of the Department, the current teaching staff. It is known that in the Department before the war, besides the already mentioned, worked as a teachers M. T. Zhuravlev and A. I. Rybalchenko, senior laboratory, Borozna N. A. the War interrupted the peaceful development of the Department and its research interests. In early October, but rather by the order №348 from 9.10.1941 years, most of the employees of HAI was fired because of layoff. Institute during the great Patriotic war was evacuated to Kazan. The first orders for HAI in g Kazani date from the beginning of November 1941. To Kazan have reached only a small proportion of teachers who taught in Odessa. Unfortunately, it is not known for certain the fate of the Department of electrical engineering during this period. In Kazan at the Institute for non-core professions involved in the work specialists of the number of trapped while in the city, the university structure was changed and adapted to the wartime conditions. We only know that «the chief of electrotactile» in that period, worked part-time G. I. Katz. After the war and the return of the Institute from evacuation to Kharkov in the chair returns, but on a continuous basis Vinnytskiy M. D., who worked in the design Institute «Південгіпроруда». With 14.06.1944 g he credited the acting associate Professor and 10.11.1945 year appointed acting head of the Department «Electrical engineering». The Department staff takes an active part in the restoration of the Institute and in 1945, under the direction of head of laboratory I. M. Bolotnogo in HAI was organized by the laboratory for electrical engineering, one of the first in the city after the war. In those first postwar years, the laboratory has studied electrical engineering students of other, not yet restored, institutes and technical schools of Kharkov.

In 1948 the Department part-time acting head of the Department was adopted, Ph. D., associate Professor, leading specialist design Institute "Tyazhpromelektroproekt" M.M. Perelmuter. The PhD thesis he defended in 1947, being the applicant at the Department of electric drives of the Kharkov electrotechnical Institute. The theme of the work was connected with the actuators of the rolling mills. At the time of arrival at Khai M. M. Perelmuter was fully formed, a Mature specialist in the field of electrical engineering. Behind him was the work of electric supply of a number of large enterprises were evacuated during the war in Sverdlovsk-region, post-war reconstruction of the Ukrainian industry. Until 1948 he was awarded the order "badge of Honor", medals "For valiant labor" and "the restoration of the black metallurgy of the South". But at that time the basics-nye, his work was in the design Institute. In June 1949, MEI defended his PhD thesis associate Professor D. M. Vinnitskiy on the topic: "Methods of ventilation and thermal tests of electrical machines". However, in the beginning of 1950 the results of the work of the party Commission.G. Neman, A. I. Borisenko, M. M. Perelmuter A. A. Litvinov installed and reported on the meeting of the Academic Council Khai, D. M. Vinnitsa "admitted academic dishonesty, plagiarism and falsification of documents in his PhD thesis". According to the materials of the Council of VAK of the USSR reversed the decision of the Board MEI on awarding D. M. Vinnytskiy scientific degree of candidate of technical Sciences and from August 1950 he was dismissed from HAI on their own. With the arrival of the M. M. Perelmuter expands the range of scientific interests ka-Phaedra. He and Professor A. I. Borisenko offer industry termomanometry method of the study of air flow in electric machines. In 1950, at the Kharkov electric plant with the direct participation of specialists of the Department creates a calibration wind tunnel, which has enabled more effectively to carry out research on cooling of electrical machines, which improved the characteristics of a whole generation of Patriotic asynchronous electric motors. In 1951, HAI created a faculty for training of engineers of Civil Air Fleet. Before the Department are placed for giving the teaching of disciplines: "Theoretical bases of electrical engineering", "Electrical machinery" and "Electrical measurements".

For lectures, laboratory and practical classes, management of course projects involved Professor A. V. Fedorov and lead designer of electric machines Hamza S. V. Khmelnitsky (hourly). In 1952, he received a referral to the Department graduate HAI Lopatin Alexander, who did much for the development of educational-laboratory base of the Department. In 1959, in the Institute there was organized the faculty of radio engineering. Academic workload the Department has increased dramatically. For a full-time position of acting Professor of the Department was transferred to S. V. Khmelnytsky, who organized the laboratory of electric machines and has developed training manuals for course projects. The chair was taken by Professor L. V. Bronstein and assistant A. K. Chucha, and in the period 1960-66. the team of teachers of the Department have joined the graduates of the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute L. N. Polyakov, G. V. Chernyavsky, B. I. Doroshenko, V. A. Kireev, V. P. Istomin, V. Z. Komkov, Of.T. Lukasheva, AlsoV. A. Kireeva, N. A. Bezhina. Also joined the Department the graduates of the Khai: E. A. Galitsyn, N. A. Ostaszewski, A. M. Naumenko B. I. Parachini, V. G. Kasyan, G. A. Cherepashchuk, J. Y. Neglinka, V. N. Postnikov. The Department start to work teachers who have extensive teaching experience in military schools A. A. Popov (1964) and P. A. Grechko (1966). In 1975 the Department enrolled candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor Shmidt V. V. candidate of technical Sciences, associate Professor V. A. Zhironkina. In the 60-70 years of the last century Kharkiv aviation Institute slowly developed its material base. Built new academic buildings, student dormitories, dwelling houses for employees, a sports camp in the Crimea. The staff of the Department took in this process the most active participation. In different years at the headquarters of the Komsomol construction HAI worked then young teachers E. A. Galitsyn, V. P. Istomin, V. G. Kasyan, V. N. Postnikov and others. The Department has conducted intensive work on the formation of young professionals of qualified teachers and scientists. If before 1970, the Department has 2 teachers with advanced degrees (M. M. Perelmuter and L. V. Bronstein), in 1977 it was already 11 candidates of technical Sciences, 9 associate professors. The total number of full-time teachers of the Department amounted to 30 people. The Department has developed as a complex, which unites a number of interrelated disciplines that make up the General technical training of students in "Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering", "General electrical engineering" and training in specialized disciplines: "Fundamentals of Metrology and measuring equipment", "Electric machines and power supply of the aircraft" , "electronics and radio engineering systems of aircraft". In the seventies and eighties under the leadership of the head of the laboratory. F. Zabolotny has done a great work on reconstruction and modernization of laboratory facilities in all disciplines. Laboratory classes are conducted frontal method. For the training process of the Department issued textbooks, ohvatyvaya all disciplines and types of classes. Teachers supervise course and diploma projects on topics related to the special disciplines I N the Department. My educational and methodical work of the Department links closely with the educational work. The research work of the Department was primarily focused on teacher training, which she so desperately needed. On the basis of contractual and state budgetary research works on optimization of control systems, crane installations were completed Ph. D. thesis by L. M. Polyakov. Work on contracts with WNEM and KhEMZ on creation of contact connections of wires and cables was the basis for master's theses.. Kireev and V. P. Istomin. Research work on special topic, which was performed jointly with Department No. 402, formed the basis of the theses B. I. Doroshenko, E. A. Galitsin and Would.And. Panacinar. Work under the contract with EDO g Kiev, connected with the study load of the structure Le is proposed apparatuses, there was the thesis of G. A. Cherepashchuk.

In 1984 head of the Department was appointed doctor of technical Sciences Professor A. I. Yakovlev, who graduated from Kharkov aviation Institute in 1959 with a degree mechanical engineer with aviamotorostroeniya. At the same time, the Department joined the Central research laboratory of aerodynamics and heat transfer in electrical machines (CRL), organized in 1959, Professor A. I. Borisenko according to the Ministry of Electrotechnical industry of the USSR and the Ministry of education of Ukraine. The supervisor of the laboratory at that time was Professor A. I. Yakovlev. Laboratory investigations contributed to the effective solution of scientific and production tasks of the industry. Developed and implemented effective cooling of semiconductor converters, efficient, low noise fans with high efficiency, magnetodielectric for electric cars. These developments helped to reduce the heating, magnetic noise and vibration, increase efficiency of electrical machinery and apparatus. Great attention was paid to the development of methods of calculation of heating coils and the determination of the thermal state of electric machines, as well as the development of technology for encapsulation of the windings, the development of non-waste technology manufacture of electrical machinery, which increased 2.5 times in their life, reduced consumption of materials. In the field of aviation technology considerable research has been done on developing a special aircraft generators and induction motors, with a minimum flight weight. Created several topredictable engines loaded for the fuel pump on-Board systems of aircraft and helicopters. In addition to conducting fundamental research and applied R & d on OS-mainly the subject chair and ZNAM participated in the creation of installations and devices for the needs of agriculture and household appliances. Was designed and manufactured in conjunction with HTZ and plant them. Malysheva 55 lines for threshing the maize on the basis of THIS HAI, which operated in Ukraine, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Stand research topics allowed at the expense of funds allocated by Minskchlebprom of the USSR for implementation of research results, to build the premises of the laboratory CRL and retool the educational-laboratory base of the Department. Since the late 80-ies of the last century high school faced problems of budget cuts.

The same targeted state budget had work performed by faculty and staff of the Department. The results of the research work performed in the Department, was introduced at many enterprises of the USSR. In 1976 the R & d Department were not unified and purposeful, but gradually themes bicrystals and turned in the direction of research and development optimal¬ control systems in electricity, aircraft and vehicles. On this subject the teachers of the Department received about 30 patents and has published more than 200 scientific articles. The research work was widely attracted the students. At student conferences, students were doing no less than 40-50 reports a year, the best reports and their authors were presented at city and national parades, where he won awards and prizes. From 1977 to 1984 the Department was headed by associate Professor E. A. Galitsyn. From the Department singled out the Department "Metrology," which were transferred to the laboratory of electrical measurement equipment and test stands. The Department "Metrology," was headed by doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Kandyba, and later a graduate of the Department of electrical engineering associate Professor O. M. Naumenko. Since 1977, members of the Department begin working on a unified contractual and state budgetary research "Development and research of power supply systems of aircrafts and vehicles" with CDB g Kuibyshev, KB plant "electrical" Kharkov, KB “Torch” ƒ Kaliningrad, NTP g . Moscow. To perform work on the research involved in part-time workers and icy¬you. Create three test stand. Part-time students for research ends with the real diploma projects. Supervise diploma projects associate professors E. A. Galitsyn, B. I. Doroshenko, V. G. Kassian, and others.

For the success of the Department in the performance of contractual and state budgetary research work head of the Department E. A. Galitsyn was awarded the Federation of Aviation and Cosmonautics, USSR commemorative token ‘N. A. Pilyugin LXXX years since the birth of ”. Teachers of the Department actively participated in the training of foreign students in countries that are developing. In the period from 1979 to 1983 and from 1987 to 1989 associate Professor.G. Kassian was sent by the USSR Ministry of higher education in the Algerian people's democratic Republic and taught at various universities in Algeria. Associate Professor.In. Schmidt in the period from 1980 to 1983 he taught at the universities of the Libyan Republic. For success in the educational process, training of highly qualified specialists teachers of the Department - associate Professor E. A. Galitsyn, To.And. Pancini and senior teacher A. A. Polyakov was awarded the honor of the USSR Ministry of higher education “ For excellence in work”.

With great difficulties industrial enterprises began to allocate funds for contractual scientific and technical work. Feeling all this, the Department began to make plans of their own survival. Unfortunately, this period of life the Department of electrical engineering refers not to the best in its history. Departments to which the Department of electrical engineering belong to, under threat of reduction of its staff began to secure a teaching load by reducing the load theoretical departments. Scientific-pedagogical staff of the Department began to rapidly decline. This process dragged on for decades. Up to 2002/2003 academic year at the Department were only seven full-time teachers. The Department tried to find ways out of the crisis. One of these ways was seen in the development of promising areas of electrical and power engineering, in particular related to alternative and renewable sources of energy. The latter gradually strengthened, which helped to expand research in this area and open the HAI specialty alternative energy sources. In 1999, the Department was transferred to the 1st Department, has received the name of the Department "Energy and electrical engineering" and the status of issuing the new, now already for the University Khai, specialty, "Nonconventional sources of energy". Was the first set of students who graduated from HAI in 2004. Since 2000, the Department prepared new courses: “Devices industrial electronics non-traditional power plants”, “non-conventional sources of energy», «unconventional Electrical power plants” etc.

In 2003, the Department moved to the faculty of control systems of aircraft and again called "Electronics". Cycle of disciplines associated with unconventional energy sources, as well as some teachers and staff members were transferred to the Department 402. The duties of head of Department from September 2003 was entrusted to Professor B. I. Panchenko. The Department again received the status of General engineering, which has conducted electrical training for students in almost all faculties of the University. The major remained discipline "Electronics", "Theoretical foundations of electrical engineering". Professor Would.And. Parachini published the first in independent Ukraine textbook for students of higher educational institutions approved by the Ministry of education and science in electrical engineering in the Ukrainian language. Later they were issued textbooks in Ukraine “electrical engineering” in Russia «the Course of electrical engineering”. From 1 February 2004 performing mandatory head of Department was appointed Professor.P. Grandchildren, worked at the Department of information control systems (formerly ACS). In April of the same year the decision of the Academic Council of National aerospace University "Khai" he was confirmed on the post of head of the Department, as he won the contest. In April 2004, the higher attestation Commission of Ukraine, the Department granted the right to start preparation of specialists in "Computer-integrated technological processes and production". From 1 September the classes started the first, recruited for training in a new specialty group of 17 students. As a historical fact the first students began Nizienko, and B. P. Talhouk (credited under the contract), the head of the group assigned to the student gamsin Eugene.

From September 1 this year, the Department restored the teaching Minor the "forgotten" disciplines such as "Electronic devices and electronic systems", "Industrial electronics". In connection with the liquidation of the University of military training the Department received an equipment cycle of aircraft instruments and onboard systems, with the possibility of teaching a course "avionics". All this allowed to attract for the work at the Department, senior lecturer Acidic, A. G., assistant Sanjuro I. M. and technical workers Zudov, V. F., and Solov'ev A. S. K. Despite the transition period, the Department staff continues to work on the improvement of the educational process. For the 2003-2004 academic year, new courses prepared, "the Theory of electric and magnetic circuits", "Electrical engineering, electronics and microprocessor technology", "the Theory of electric signals". Updated methodological support and logistical base. Lab created "Computer control of industrial equipment." At the Department conducted research work. In 2003-2004, five patents of Ukraine for inventions. Of the specialized scientific and pedagogical direction over the last three years prepared and published more than 15 educational, methodical and scientific works. Including textbooks approved by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine "a Course in electrical engineering", "electrical" and "Electronics" with a total circulation of 34 thousand copies. 75th anniversary of National aerospace University and the Department of "HAI" encounters with the good mood and confidence in the future. This confidence is based on high professionalism of each employee, the cohesion of the whole team and a creative attitude to work related to the preparation of the intellectual future of Ukraine.