For applicants and students


  • Specialty 151 ¦ Automation and computer-integrated technology
  • Specialty 141 ¦ Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electrical mechanics


  • Computer-integrated technological processes and production
  • Computer-integrated control in power engineering

Term of study:

  • Bachelor - 4 years
  • Master - 1,5 years

Our graduates work in:

Canada, USA, Poland, Germany, China and Ukraine.

The level of acquired knowledge and skills ensures the employment of graduates at all companies, using modern facilities of automation, from processing of agricultural products till production of complex products for aerospace purposes.

Graduates of the colleges of any speciality can enter university without independent external auditon on the second and third courses.

Electric power engineering, electrical engineering and electrical mechanics -modern specialty, which experts have perfect knowledge in electrical engineering, electronics, microprocessor technology, power generation, electricity, electric power stations and substations.

Main disciplines:

  • Telecommunication systems of factories in the energy sector;
  • Integrated  analyzer complexes;
  • Touch materials and nanotechnologiy;
  • Information technology in energy conservation;
  • Computer electronics and circuit engineering;
  • Bases of the automated designing of complex objects and systems.

After graduation our students work in energy saving and energy service companies, inspection on energy saving and power supervision in the departments of chief power ports, industrial enterprises of all forms of ownership in energy consulting and energy auditing companies of the region and the country, on enterprises of the electrical field and electrical repair companies.

Automation and computer-integrated technology - it is the creation, implementation, commissioning and maintenance of automation systems of technological processes on the basis of types of solutions using modern electronic and microprocessor controls. Development of application software for the automation of data processing.

Main disciplines:

  • Computer technique and organization of computational work;
  •  Microprocessor technology;
  • The basics computer-integrated control;
  • Automation of business processes;
  • Integrated computer technology and database;
  • Modern object-oriented technology of programming.

After graduation our students work:

  •  Design engineer;
  • Support system specialist;
  • Database administrator;
  • System administrator;
  • Web-programmer;
  • Software development for automation systems of technological processes.

Why you should choose us:

  • The Department has well equipped laboratory facilities on the basis of modern equipment, including some from leading foreign manufacturers;
  • Every year our students participate and win prizes in city, regional and all-Ukrainian Olympiads on programming, electrical engineering, electronics and circuitry;
  • Our students are trained in such research and production enterprises as: "ORGHIM in Severodonetsk", "Philip Morris International", "Hartron Inkorр", "Moebius", "Motor Sich", "CTS Group", "IPP TRIADA";
  • Over the past few years our students have made over 60 presentations at international and Ukrainian scientific and technical conferences.